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Turning Point 1-Day Retreat

  • Yogini Alviksvägen 43 Bromma Sweden (map)

With the world in a state of rapid change, many of us are finding it increasingly difficult to navigate our reality. The way we have navigated our lives in the past is no longer working for us and we can easily feel overwhelmed and lost. We are literally at a turning point, and we are being asked to turn our focus inwards to find the answers that are truly supportive, nourishing and correct for us.

During this 1 day retreat we aim to not only offer some understanding to what is happening on a global level in the world but also to give insight into how you as an individual fit into that story. With a combination of Evolutionary astrology, Human design ceremony and sound healing we hope to offer you the tools you personally need to navigate your way through life with more awareness, security, ease and flow.

Jennifer Langstone, Helena Smeds and Yuliya Maslyn, your guides for the weekend, combine their incredible skills which are a combination of ancient wisdom and advanced techniques to connect you with your own inner compass. This retreat is designed to take you on a journey of self exploration and to deeply empower you to step into your authentic truth.

"*Additional Information*"
During the retreat we will offer individually focused guidance, for this purpose we will ask for your birth details (date, place of birth and exact time ) when you book your space.

The retreat will be held in English but we can also explain in Swedish when needed.

Wear comfortable clothing suited for both movement and sitting.

Lunch and snacks are included. All meals will be vegan. Gluten free options will also be available on request.

Dates: Saturday 11th May

Times: 9.30 - approximately 17.30

Location: Yogini Yoga Studio, address: Alviksvägen 43, Bromma (Stockholm, Sweden)

Accommodation: We will be happy to support you with finding nearby accommodation.

Contact: Helena

Booking and payment: 1200 SEK incl. VAT. Reservation fee 300 SEK (reservation fee is non refundable)

The remaining balance is due on arrival. Payable by Swish or PayPal.

We accept adapted pricing and payment plans, please contact Helena for more information.

SWISH 123 019 64 10

Limited spaces

Secure your space here:

"*Your Hosts*"

"*Yuliya Maslyn*" from Yuliya Life

Yuliya was born as a silent philosopher and found her language to communicate with people in her own way. In the world of many words, she raises awareness and vibration by serving tea and playing singing bowls. Deeply rooted in her truth she helps others to find intimacy with themselves. People find her presence calming and allowing.

"*Helena Smeds*" from Human Design Coaching

Helena has had careers in education and science but changed life’s direction in 2015 when she left the University to pursue her dream to become a Human Design analyst and coach. She has a drive to support others on their journey of self-love and self-empowerment. To Helena it has always been a matter of turning inwards, to support oneself by releasing all the layers of conditioning that prevents us from living and expressing the true power of our unique being. For every layer that we are able to shed we come closer to our own essence and our life’s purpose. Apart from coaching Helena also teaches Yoga and Meditation to empower peoples connection to their only true authority, within themselves. She lives in Stockholm with her husband and two children.

"*Jennifer Langstone*" from Raising Vibrations

Jennifer has always lived with a sense that "there must be something more than this" but was not open to blind faith or belief. When she was introduced to Evolutionary Astrology in 2011 she found the proof she needed that we are connected to something greater than ourselves and felt truly at home in herself and the world for the first time. Using Evolutionary Astrology combined with other healing awareness systems, her work is deeply rooted in helping others connect with their truth and see and how it it interwoven in the greater cycles taking place in the world. Jennifer lives a life dedicated to supporting others to find their place in this changing world.

09:30 Tea ceremony with Yuliya

10:30 Welcome introduction + guided exploration

11:30 Break with snacks

12:00 Jennifer explains the great transition that humanity is experiencing using the tools of Evolutionary Astrology and HD

13:30 Lunch together (Vegan)

14:30 Helena guides us in a Human Design exploration to connect us to our inner compass

16:30 Singing bowls with Yuliya

17:00 Closing contemplation and discussion