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Tea Ceremony

Welcome to Tea Ceremony!

Tea was a lifelong companion for Humans and always adopted to the time and space people could spare. Whether you are already a tea lover, seeking new experiences or just want to invite some stillness in to your life, you are invited to our circle.

“Tea can be a great aid in cultivating outer quietude and inner stillness zen and tea are, after all, one flavor. It's hard to talk with a mouth full of tea. Besides, the tea wants you to be quiet. It invites you inward. At first you notice only gross flavors, but over time your tea drinking more and more becomes a time of quiet rest, introspection and stillness. This happens naturally. Then, you begin noticing more and more flavors, as if the tea were rewarding you for your newfound peace. You begin to notice things beyond the flavor and aroma. There are sensations: the way the tea touches the mouth and throat, and returns on the breath. Over time, these also become softer and softer, clearer and clearer as you become more sensitive. This only happens when there is outer quietude, which leads to inner stillness; and it isn't long before you realize that your own state mind is the most important ingredient in the tea it's not which tea or teaware, but how it's prepared. Eventually, you begin to experience the movement of what Chinese call "Qi". This is the living energy within our bodies. Whether you move your foot or not you know it's there, even with your eyes closed, because you can feel it from the inside. You are feeling electricity traveling through nerves to your brain, atomic movement and energy, Qi, or whatever else you wish to call it. Fine tea catalyzes this energy, causing it to move, and if you are quiet without and within you will begin to feel it.” by WuDe, Zen and Tea One Flavor.

Join us at 18:30 for a few hours. 

Green Philosopher is a cosy place, means that places are limited. Book via Swish 1230993642 #teceremoni19, 200 kr.

GTH members can join for 100 kr.

Друзья, приходите на чай! Yuliya Life угощает китайским живым чаем со старых деревьев. Мы собираемся вместе и погружаемся в тишину для того, чтобы с помощью чая расслабиться, отдохнуть от суеты, взбодриться и провести время в душевной компании. Чай заваривается на родниковой воде, атмосфера создается с любовью и заботой. Если вы хотите передохнуть от городской суеты, добро пожаловать!

Длительность церемонии 2-3 часа.
Стоимость участия 200 kr.
Для удобства организации наших встреч, большая просьба бронировать места заранее любым удобным способом: на сайте , личным сообщением или оплатой swish 123 099 36 42 с пометкой teceremoni

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