As with everything in life one can take things into the head or into the heart. I'm definitely a heart person through life and Tea is not an exception. From the early days of Tea drinking until now it became a big part of my life.

The humble Tea Leaf we all know today made a thousand years long journey from being treated as a sacred wild medicinal herb through domestication and making it to the commodity with industrialised mass scale production.

I was always “whole leaf tea” lover maybe due to the fact that I could taste the difference or maybe because the process of preparing a leaf tea was more complex and required more attention to the details which due my personality attracted me more.

At some point in life depth of things became more important than breadth, and as old saying goes: When Student is ready, Teacher will come. One day I’ve heard Wu De, founder of the Global Tea Hut, speaking about Tea in the calm tone and in the plain language, describing old tradition and placing it to the context of modern life. Every word resonated with my inner feeling about Tea, so i stepped on the path of Cha Dao (Tea Way) through caring and sharing the beauty of the Leaf with people around.

I do hold weekly gatherings and invite everyone to join me on the Path of Tea and/to walk along while sharing a bowl of aromatic beverage.


I would like to welcome you to the Tea circle by adding your name to the list, in that way you will stay informed about upcoming (tea) events.


Tea Gatherings and Event Calendar 


Summer Solstice Tea Ceremony

Sweden is the land of forests and lakes. It was tranquil to sit by the water and steep leaves from the ancient trees. 

Join us next time. Stay tuned, leave your name at the list and i will let you know about next event. 

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